Friday, December 19, 2008

Not too Late to Buy Handmade

Time is running out for all of us last minute shoppers! If you have made a commitment to shop handmade this season and still have a few names on the list that haven't been checked off- have no can still shop local.

We sometimes forget that shopping local for handmade is an excellent choice. I actually prefer it to shopping on-line because I am supporting the community, the shop and the artist. Another benefit is that I can check out the quality of the product before I buy it.

Here are some ways to find handmade in your area...
1) Fairs- check your local paper in the Arts section for information about Street fairs, Farmers Markets or Art Shows happening in your community this weekend.

2)High End Boutiques- you will often find handmade jewelry and other accessories in these shops. Yes, it's more expensive but if you are splurging on a nice piece- it's worth it. Sometimes these are stand-alone establishments or they are located in a hotel or mall.

3)Consignment shops- Oh...a virtual treasure trove! There are many consignment shops in average size cities- some cater to home goods, some womens high end clothing; others to baby and children's items. Often you will find a considerable about of locally made goods in these establishments to round of their selections of gently used items.

If you are tight on time you can do internet searches for local shops matching certain keywords. Call ahead and see if they have items in the general categories that you are looking to purchase.
Some other places to look are museum shops, stationary stores/card shops and off the beaten path type of general stores.
Good Luck!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jewelry for Your Little Darling

These little personalized doll pendant take the cake! They are so cute and perfect for a little girl who wants to wear jewelry just like mommy. These little wooden dolls are created to look just like your little angel. Inspired by vintage peg and clothespin dolls, these posy girl™ pendants are painted completely by hand with caring attention to detail and finished with a thick coat of varnish. Most importantly, each little girl is entirely customizable! You choose her hair color and the letter (if any) you would like her to wear on her little heart necklace, making each little posy girl™ as unique as the girl who will be wearing her. $15 each

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Awesome Sterling Ring on the Super Cheap

I came across these bands awhile back and they have been in my favorites ever since. They are simple and elegant- great for stacking. They are real sterling silver and real Swarovski crystal....why so cheap I wonder? Who cares?! Take of advantage of this deal and order by the dozen is what I say! Convo the seller to get them in your size and color or order from a selection that are in stock. I mean, who doesn't love a ring like this? Priced at $10 each.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Industrial Whimsy Nightlight Shade

I love this nightlight because it's the right color, it's clever and it's recycled! The lantern portion is half of a soup can cut with a light bulb design and powder coated in a summery yellow with a glossy finish. It comes the sensored light too! Mariposa Avenue makes this in many different designs and colors- they also have other types of lanterns. This sells for $15 and can be used anywhere in the home- bathroom- kids bedroom- office- playroom- a great gift at the right price point- you must get one for yourself also!

Monday, December 15, 2008

For the Fashion Forward Tween, Teen or Adult

I love these arm warmers for my tween daughter and pre-teen stepdaughter. They are a little bit different then any that I have seen. They pick up where a short sleeve shirt would leave off and are still slim enough to wear under a sweater or coat. It is also a cool and edgy design with alot of interesting things going on...the black and red houndstooth pattern the black tailored cuff at the top and the cute and sweet red heart button accent....I may get a pair for myself as well! These are selling for $23

Friday, December 12, 2008

For the Nintendo Addict

My kids are all into loading up their backpacks with buttons. My son will especially like these because he is super into Mario Kart and all of the cars and characters as well. He would certainly be the only one in his class- or the school for that matter with this particular set of buttons. They are a set of six pin back buttons $5.50 with different character designs from PumpingAlrights.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Help Someone Bring Paris into Every Corner of Their Home

The ParisChicBoutique currently stocks about 100 items that cater to those who like to "Decorate in French". We are moving to a new home where my daughter and step-daughter will be sharing a large room with attached bathroom and closet- they have agreed on one thing so far- French decor. In my pursuit to find all things French on Etsy I came across this gem of a shop which offers, items for every room in the home not over looking any detail like knobs and switch plates. The set of cabinet knobs pictured are hand painted and sell for $6 each.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Something Unique for Someone Special

The prints in BoopsieDaisy's shop are oh so sweet and sugary. The theme that runs through most of them is candy(other food too) and dolls. They are all done in an unexpected way- and the featured picture speaks well to that. She also makes one of a kind plush dolls that are items to covet. This 8x10 print sells for $22

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Little Something for the Person Who has Everything

This is on the list for my grandma- a fork easel that is handmade, artistic, whimsical and cute. It functions as a way to hold recipe cards while cooking or a place to informally prop a photo or snapshot. Each one is unique. Made by WhimsyLove. Sells for $9.95

Monday, December 8, 2008

For the Handbag Addict

I am that person- the handbag addict- I can only hope that my friends and family are reading this post right now- "If you love me you will buy me this clutch!"
This is created by LaVitaLola- the peacock is my favorite but I would be happy with nearly every one that she makes. I promise you will find the perfect one for the handbag addict on your list- in addition she will be the only one in her circle that owns it! This one is lined with teal silk and is topped with a silver kisslock frame for $45

Friday, December 5, 2008

Irreverent Christmas Greetings

Loves it...if you do to you can get yours at Earmark. They are a stationary store with lots to offer- journals, cards, gift sets, samplers and so much more. Some of my other favorites there are a 6 pack of pink pencils that say "stay classy" and any card from the "Contempt" collection which includes cards with sayings like "Thanks for giving me herpes" and "thanks for nothing". This irreverent Christmas card sells for $3 each I wouldn't recommend sending it to grandma though.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

For the Funky Brooch Wearer

I have done a feature on Anna Laura in the past and just love her little niche in the craft world. She makes these felt lady brooches in many different styles - they have a name and come in a little card with their story included. You would have great fun picking one to match traits of someone on your list this season. They are so cute, unique and personal- fun to collect - fun to give- fun to get. This little ladies name is Carissa and the little bit of info about her reads..."Carissa went camping with her boyfriend and wasn’t impressed when he pulled out a can of Spam for dinner. They drove back to civilisation within the hour for a decent meal." They sell for $20 each

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For a Magical Princess

This adjustable ear cuff is perfect for girls and women of all ages and sizes who love an enchanted, magical and whimsical look. You don't need to have your ears pierced- can be worn with or without your own earrings. Made by Thyme2dream- you get this ear cuff custom made to your specifications and your color choices for only $16. I am not so magical now but as a kid I would have loved this!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Gift for a Family

I found this awesome Etsy seller- ScribbleIt- they make vinyl decals for your walls but also these custom signs. Personalized with the family sir name in lower case letters within a decorative wreath and optional year "established". This is especially thoughtful as a holiday gift for a family who just moved to a new home. You know that family that invites you to the holiday party every year- instead of the same bottle of wine that you bring every year- bring this- talk about unexpected!
Mounted to a tin with pre-drilled holes so you can add your own ribbon for a really custom touch. You could use rope for a nautical themed decor- chain for industrial and modern or nuts and bolts for direct mounting. Hold on to your seats folks- this is only $10!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pretty Little Butterflies for the Hair

I was on Trunkt one day and saw this sellers artist jewelry and accessories. So...I clicked on over to Etsy to see all that she has to offer and was delighted! Every piece is made of plastic and has an illustrated image on it. There are some very interesting black and white images but these pretty little butterflies caught my eye because they have such a universal appeal and are at a great price point to give to teachers and friends. The set sells for $15

Friday, November 28, 2008

For the Trendy Apartment Dweller

This Intial Decal by Badass Decals is the perfect thing for anyone who wants to personalize their space. Because it is removable it can be used by apartment dwellers and be taken down when they move. It comes in a wide range of color choices as well as a few specialty reflective colors, chrome and metallic finishes for an additional charge. It provides alot of bang for the buck because it can be highly personalized at the bargain price of $18.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For the Plush Collector

EnnaDesignShop makes the most adorable Kawaii style 50's inspired plushes. They have the look of vintage but are new and handmade with felt. This is an ittsy bitsy thing- which makes it even that much cuter, really- it measures 11cm by 7cm. There are many different styles to choose from of the Bambi as well as poodles, cats, dolls, seahorses, turtles, etc. The one I like best is this little Bambi in all of it's variations- I want to start a collection! This Bambi sells for $22 and would be the perfect gift for any handmade lover who appreciates plushes and excellent workmanship.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Something Sweet- But Not to Eat!

There are so many sweets around for the holidays. These are sweets that you don't eat- they are soaps from LoveLeeSoaps. Everybody loves a decadent chocolate and nothing says love like the gift of this non-calorie alternative. LoveLeeSoaps make some of the most amazing soaps that I have ever seen- I chose these because they seem to be the perfect little non traditional display for a guest bath that will still be in season after the holidays are over. These are also wrapped in little foil wrappers and are ready to gift. You will get a set of 8 for $3.50

Friday, November 21, 2008

For the Crafter

I have lots of friends who create and make and craft....they love do for others and share their talents with their friends and families. This is the perfect gift for that crafty friend- custom craft room tags that they can present with their little handmade gifts. They will be amazed at how thoughtful and unique your gift is. For $15 you will get a set which includes 30 tags in 10 different styles, measuring 2"x4" each.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Star Wars Lovers- Proclaim Yourselves!

My nephew is in college far from home....I want to send him these buttons for Hannukah! He loves Star Wars and I can't think of a boy/man who doesn't! Since he will not be home until around Christmas these will be easy to send to him as part of a little Hannukah care package. They are a set of four pin back buttons from Minepress in a cool stencil design.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Know a Coffee Junkie? Who Doesn't?!!!

When I featured Jenn on this blog a few months ago I asked her what her short term goals were and she answered "To make enough coffee corsets to be ready for the holiday season." That she did....she now has over 250 different coffee corsets listed in her shop and you have such an incredible selection. Great for almost anybody on your list! They are functional, well crafted and gorgeous. They sell for $12

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Got a 2-5 Year Old Girl on Your List?

I have my eye on these for my niece who just turned 3. She loves to help her mom make cupcakes, she plays dress up and makes food in her pretend kitchen. I think she would just love it and live in it. WildOliveKids makes kids clothes but specializes in particular in these aprons. They currently have over 20 of these in stock to choose from. These are priced at $22.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Great Funky Ornaments

If you are doing an ornament exchange this is the item for you! From MyImaginaryBoyfriend who makes this three pack of jolly roger skulls out of screenprinted felt. These could be the coveted item at that white elephant gift exchange! My favorite item from this shop is a set of white screenprinted log pillows- you have to check those out- because I recently featured MyImaginaryBoyfriend as an artist on this blog and raved about those logs- I thought the presentation of another of her awesome items would be more fitting. This set sells for $25

Friday, November 14, 2008

For the Yoga Enthusiast

I have had my eye on this magnetic locket from Polarity for my sister in law who teaches yoga. I think it would be great for her to keep her something important in under her yoga shirt.
Polarity makes magnetic accessories of all types with different themes and pictures. It also comes in a little tin that is perfect for gift giving. It sells for $16

Thursday, November 13, 2008

For the Bike (cycle that is) Lover

My sweetie is a bicycle rider- gets up early whenever he can to take his baby to the road. I am so getting this for him- it's his favorite color and the bike actually looks like the Pinarello that he actually rides. It's an organic tee made by Vital and sells for $26

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I discovered chez-sucre-chez a few months ago when I spent several hours on Etsy looking at cross-stitching supplies , ideas and sellers to feed my new cross stitching hobby and to inspire me. I was taken by the simple and elegant cross stitch work of Kimberly Jean Scola, of Berks County, PA. Her work has created a new idea for me of what cross-stitch can be and has truly inspired me to take my own cross-stitch hobby in new directions. Thank you Kimberly!

Describe what you sell?
This has always been a difficult task. My interests change so often, and what I sell at any given moment is directly related to whatever craft or technique I am into at that time. For a while it was ceramics, and then paper-crafts, and then knitting, and then sewing on my machine, and then cross-stitch, and then embroidery. I've adopted the term "handcrafted miscellany" to describe what I do. Currently, I am mostly focused on textiles and needlework.

What is your "real" life like?
Well, in January, I had an opportunity to buy a huge old fixer-upper house in the Pennsylvania country-side with a friend of mine. At the time, I was feeling rather over the hustle-and-bustle
of city life, which I had been doing for the past eleven years, and I was feeling very ready to own a house and have a garden and start living more the way that I want to live. I moved out here in March and that is the way things have been ever since. I spent the first three months working almost non-stop on the house (and you can track that project on Once the house was in "livable" condition, I switched my energy over to chez-sucre-chez; getting my studio in order, creating new products, working on my etsy store, doing some marketing, and doing all I could do with chez-sucre-chez to keep me from needing to get a full-time normal job. It is constant work, but I'm happy that I am giving myself this time and putting this effort into what I want to be doing. Now I spend my days working in my studio with my cat, Emil, by my side. I wake up early, go for a walk around town, and get to work. When I need a break, I make myself coffee or tend to the garden or mow the lawn or work on some other house project. It's pretty great. I'm fortunate, though, to still have a lot of friends and connections in NYC. I definitely feel the need, at least once a month, to get back to the city to see my friends, go out to eat at good restaurants, drink fancy cocktails, do a little dancin', and keep up with what is happening in the city as far as fashion and culture. It's a nice balance I have here.

What is your process?
With the current work that I am doing, it is mostly just needle and thread and embroidery hoops. I am fortunate to have two great shops near me where I can buy all of my supplies (neither of which has a website, though). The Crewel World is an embroidery and needlecraft store in my town that is owned and run by a very sweet woman named Shirley whom I look forward to seeing everytime I need supplies. Also in town is a mennonite-run shop called
Wooden Bridge Dry Goods. They have great fabric and lots of the notions that I need for my work. It really makes me happy to be able to ride my bicycle to these shops and to have a rapport with the shop-keepers. I also have a number of wonderful thrift/antique/flea markets around me where I can find unique trimmings and supplies.

What are your goals and vision for your business?
For the short-term, I've filled my calendar with lots of craft fairs between now and December. I
also plan to continue marketing my etsy shop. After that, I just don't know.

How and where do you market your business?
Currently, I am doing all of my sales through etsy: Someday in the not-too-distant future, though, I would like to move that business to a regular website. I
gotta learn how to do that first, though. My goods are also being sold at Sprout Home, in their Brooklyn and Chicago stores, and I'm in communication with a few more spots, trying to get into more shops and galleries.

Do you subscribe to any business related blogs, zines or magazines?
This is definitely something I need to learn about! The Etsy Storque site is a great resource that I check in on often. I've also just signed myself up to the Modish Marketing newsletter
where Jena of Modish compiles and send out tips on how to be a crafty marketer.

What inspires you?
People inspire me a lot. This whole notion of attempting to make a living off of what I love doing was really inspired by my friends Simon and Estelle in Paris. I went there to visit them and found that their whole circle of friends, all creative types, live primarily off of their craft; for some that is fine art, others photography or music or fashion. I came back thinking, "heck, that's what I want to do!" Otherwise, in terms of coming up with new ideas and such -- I find inspiration everywhere.

Who is your favorite musical artist?
This changes almost daily! Some days, all I want to listen to is the Amelie soundtrack. Other days it's Bob Dylan, or T-Rex, or Beyonce, or Muddy Waters or Joy Division or Ride or the Sonics or the Zombies or the Association or Nina Simone or Herman Dune or the same New Order song over and over and over. Yeah, I like to change it up. Currently, I am really loving the music of Willie Breeding

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
my piggy goes to market tote: i take mine with me everywhere.
my silver-lined cloud cross-stitch pieces: i just really, really love them.

I'm a fan of...

Find me...

WhiMSy love

Today I am pleased to introduce Nikki Mans of Richland WA. She is the creative force behind WhiMSy love. She sells an assortment of handmade goodies. Anything from vintage button rings,watercolors, book art, wee t-shirts & onesies, paperitems, even some vintage collectibles. She says, "I love to try everything--I can’t help it. Sometimes I think it’d be best to pick just one thing & put all my energies into it, but I wouldn’t know where to start." He shop is eclectic and whimsical, just as the name implies. My favorite item is the fork easel- show below.

What is your real life like?
I’m a stay-at home-mom. That’s my #1 duty. After feeding kids
& reading stories & playing games, I make stuff. And in-between putting off loads of laundry, I make stuff. After the days errands are complete, dishes are done & littles ones are sleeping, I make stuff. I LOVE making stuff! I also love thrifting, taking pictures, spontaneity, the color pink, laughing, eating peanut butter, cuddling with my hunky hubby & anything cupcake-y.

What is your process?
Because I make a random
assortment of goodies, I have a random assortment of supplies. But mostly I like taking vintage items like buttons, lace, trims, fabric, books, eating utensils…& making them into something super duper! I use anything from a sewing machine, to pliers, to hole punches to drills.

What are your goals and vision for your business?
Short term I’d like to make it
through the holidays in a successful crafty whirlwind. I’m doing my first show this December! Long-term, I’d like to help bring home the bacon.

How and where do you market your business?

I’ve found that how much or how little I put into my business equals how much or how little I’ll get out of it. And being a mom of two kidlets, that’s a little tricky. I do simple things like handing out my biz card wherever I can, updating my blog on a regular basis, networking with other artists online & selling/consigning my items to other online shops. And I just joined Twitter. Eventually I also plan on approaching local boutiques about selling WhiMSy love goodies.

What inspires you?
My 2 girls inspire me A LOT! Kids see things in a very
different & very cool way, & so a lot of times I steal their ideas. HAHA! They sometimes say the most silly things…that make complete sense. I wonder what I’ll do when they grow up & move out? I guess I’ll have to borrow someone else’s kids. I also find that an occasional break is very inspirational---anything from a nice relaxing candlelit bath, to a spur-of-the-moment daytrip, to a kooky outing with a friend. A refreshing break brings renewed energy. (That sounds like it should be in a fortune cookie.)

Who is your favorite musical artist?
I love music. I listen to all styles of music. I’m on a
Damien Rice fix right now. But I could listen to this version of ‘Rain King’ by the Counting Crows over & over & over.

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
I love the vintage button rings!
I wear a different one almost every day.
(pictured above)
And I also really like my book
art, “Writing on the Wall”. I have them hanging in my own home & they‘re just funky pieces of artwork! (pictured below)

I am a fan of…
Besides checking my email & blog a bazillion times a day, I’ve also been known to visit these sites: I love having music on while I’m crafting or blogging. Rachel lists tons of DIY craftiness & tutorialsalmost every day that she gathers from around the www. I love this site!
I just recently joined Twitter & it’s so much fun!

Find Me…
Come visit my Etsy shop
See the goofy girl (that’s me!) behind it all on my blog.
Oh, & this is totally random, but I was super psyched that one of my tutorials was recently featured on the blog
AND mentioned on the ThreadBanger blog

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Today I am featuring Allie from Paris Chic Bouique. What a lovely Etsy shop this is....everything is so lovely and Parisian. They sell hand painted, French inspired products for you, baby and the home. From oil paintings to hand painted tiles, you can find just about anything with an Eiffel Tower, Fleur de lis or French Poodle! Most pieces will even teach you a french word or two!

What is your "real" life like?
I live in a great building in Queens, NY with my wonderful and extremely supportive husband, Philip and our orange tabby, Benson. I cannot begin to function without my morning cup of coffee as I check emails and sales and just break into the day. When not painting, packaging, photographing or posting I love to read, cook, go for a walk, shop and most certainly watch my daily dose of Martha Stewart!

What is your process?
Most of our items are ceramic so we use special paints that are later fired to create permanent art. The tote bags offered are all organic cotton canvas and we use all natural pigments made for fabric painting, again creating a permanent bond. Just browsing through our shop, you can see that we paint on just about everything and use all different types of materials. Right now, our
favorite decoration is glitter! Just in time for the holiday season!

What are your goals and vision for your business?
Short term goals are to sell as many products as our little hands can keep up with! Long term we would love to grow our business by obtaining more wholesale accounts and having more availability of the Paris Chic Boutique line.

How and where do you market your business?
Mainly on Etsy but there are so many wonderful blogs that have so graciously featured some of our products:

Do you subscribe to any business related blogs, zines or magazines?
Martha Stewart Living, (lots of entrepreneurial advice & creative ideas)

What inspires you?
So many inspirations...just love Paris (obviously), colors in nature (always stop to smell the roses!), fresh flowers, Spiderman, and love the smell of a bookstore! Oh, and traveling by car;
whether it's a vacation cross country or just a ride Upstate NY it's all about the journey!

Who is your favorite musical artist?
Neko Case but love such a broad range...classical music while painting, classic rock while emailing.

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
Cabinet Knobs: (pictured above)These were just so much fun to paint on because they are so small!
Wish, Dream & Believe Painting: (pictured below)
Just love this painting because i had no idea where it was going and I love the outcome!

I am a fan of... best soaps I ever bought! quality incense in hundreds of scents! creative paper products that will amaze you!
For book lovers: : you can recycle your books and get great new ones for free!

Find Seller.....
The Paris Chic Boutique line can be found in many boutiques across the United States. Here's a few;

Flourish Boutique & Gallery
24545 Brick Road, Suite A
South Bend, IN 46628

Cherry Blossom Boutique, located in historic downtown Port Huron
327 Huron Ave
Port Huron, MI
Brentwood Kitchens ;

Fortunes Rocks Fine Art
709 Blount Ave.
Guntersville, AL 35976

You can also find more paintings and wall mural ideas on my personal website;

Sellers Who Go Above and Beyond

Recently I have been sent some wonderful products by Etsy sellers as a form of thank you. It really is a testament to how important it is to make a connection with people in this cold internet world. I think we can all learn something about how to better connect with our customers.

Deco Alley was featured on my blog last month and wanted to thank me by sending me a little sampler. When it arrived my 9 year old daughter and I tore the package open and discovered some miniature goodies like biscuits, bagels and donuts. My daughter immediatly had ideas how SHE could use them- or - how I could use them to make something for her. I ended up making her a charm bracelet out of the bagels and it was so cute. Above is a picture of one of my favorite new things by Deco Alley.

Another artist that I recently featured was Blue Rock Gourds. As I said in the post that I did about them- my heart is warmed by the family nature of their business. They went out of their way to thank me by sending me a gourd. Now, I have- historically- never been a big fan of gourds-maybe I thought I was too cool for gourds- or they were too crafty. I am a modern girl- stainless steel birdhouses- that kind of thing. I am a gourd loving convert now- they seem so alive because they come from nature. When I opened the box I was wowed by how dynamic and glossy the stain was on it. She included the extra touch of sending it in my favorite color- green! I was so overwhelmed by the generosity of it and it's unexpected beauty. I immediately hung the birdhouse gourd on a tree that you see from the patio door so I could continue to admire it from indoors. I am selling my house and all of my personal items are in storage- which is where, technically, this gourd should be also but I don't care- I am going to hang it proudly on that tree until I move- then I will hang it at my new house. BTW- they tell me, over at Blue Rock Gourds that they send out a thank you gourd a week- what a great idea!

LolasCraftShop makes the cutest cards. I was on her blog awhile back and left a comment - she contacted me and asked for my address so she could send me the card that I commented about. It was an owl card- not the one above. When I got it in the mail I was taken back by the workmanship she puts into these cards. I left it on my counter so I could admire it for a few days before tucking it away into my card box. I am waiting for the perfect opportunity to send it to someone- or give it to someone that I like alot. I just feel like sending a card like that out of the blue is such a great approach to marketing yourself- I have to figure out how I can incorporate that into my business.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sick Days

I have been sick in bed with a cold for the last few has completely wiped me out. My advice to myself should be to "Just rest- you have a family to take care of and you have to be well to do that."
I can't help but think of all the things that I have to do, from laundry to cooking, my business- oh, and I have to update mt blog daily- I promised myself that I would do that. So here I am, updating my blog for the certain pleasure of my loyal readers. Are you pleased? (laughing)

I do have a useful piece of information in all of this though.....Puffs tissues with Vicks lotion added are the best thing since sliced bread- if you get a cold make sure you have these on hand. They have prevented my nose from getting red and cracked and they give me that tiny bit of sinus clearing goodness that I am oh so grateful for.
Click on the picture above to go to the Puffs site and read more about them.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Keri Rounding

Today I am excited to have Keri Rounding from Ontario, Canada of "Keri Rounding". She sells hand felted jewelry inspired by sea life. These are the perfect price point for gift giving so make sure that you check out her shop and see what she has to offer.

What is your "real" life like?
When I’m not creating, I work part time in an office at a hockey arena. My free time is spent with my cat Phoenix. I also love to enter contests when I have the time. I have won chocolate for a year, makeup, a cell phone, an ipod and lots of other fun things.

What is your process?
First I do a little sketch of what I want the piece to look like and then start experimenting with the wool. I have about 9 styles of brooches now but am always coming up with new ideas. I do every piece by hand using a wet felting technique. The little balls are done using needle felting. I love to work with merino wool- it felts easily and feels great! Each piece takes about an hour
each to complete.

What are your goals and vision for your business?
My short-term goals are to make more products and work on new ideas. I’m currently working on expanding into a line of felted bags. I have also opened a new etsy shop which showcases my embroidered brooches. Long-term, I would like to continue to expand the business- maybe into clothing.

How and where do you market your business?
I am always adding new photos of my work to flickr. I also use and to showcase my work.

What inspires you?
Receiving a new shipment of dyed wool is always exciting. I am inspired by the

possibilities of colour combinations. I can’t wait to get to work on matching them up. I also like to flip through photography books. I’ll go to the library and check out books on sea life or biology. The images inspire me to create.

Who is your favorite musical artist? (click artist name to see a video)
Jack Johnson

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
These are my favorite shapes and colour combinations:

I am a fan of....

Contest Girl

Not Always Right

100 Ideas


Find me....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wearable by Design

I am honored that Jennifer Smith-Righter from Redwood City, California of Wearable by Design has allowed us to take a look at her life and process. She has a unique custom jewelry studio that designs and creates individual works of art. I was amazed that her art is made with PMC- it is extremely fine and upscale. It has given me a new view about what is possible with PMC . I can only fit so many pictures here- make sure you check out her shop to see the rest of her work.

What is your real life like?
I'm married, have lots of grown children and a funny fur baby named Gizmo (He's a Shih-Tzu). I'm pretty passionate about my jewelry and so I spend most of my time creating.

What is your process?
I work mostly in Metal Clay. I love the fact that it is reclaimed silver and has a green aspect to it. I also can use every single scrap of it with very little waste. I prefer to work in Lab Created stones so that I know I am not funding questionable activities in third world countries. But I also work with semi-precious stones whose provenance I know well.

One of the reasons I'm so in love with metal clay is that I can do so many things with it using very little space or equipment.

Business Goals and Vision...
I hope to have my work in galleries after the first of the year. I would love to always be a hands on creator and therefore would love to be able to keep the pace steady at a few finished pieces per week.

How do you market your business?
Mostly on Etsy:

I also have a Flickr site:

I belong to two Etsy teams, JET Team and EMC Team

Do you subscribe to any business related blogs, zines or magazines?
I am a member of the Yahoo Metal Clay Group
Yahoo Etsy Metal Clay Group

I am a sometimes writer of articles for Art Jewelry Magazine -- I have a subscriber only tutorial on their website entitled "Time Machine" and am in the current (November) issue with an article entitled "Arts and Crafts". Their website is:

I am a member of the Jewelry Artists Network

The Starving Jewelry Artists Forum

I am a member of the PMC Guild:

And the Art Clay Society:

What inspires you?
I am intensely fascinated with things that humans create -- mechanical devices, architecture, etc. I am equally intrigued with what nature creates -- buds, blossoms, pods, etc. I vacillate between the two worlds when I am creating things.

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
Chain Reactionand Blossoms (pictured above)

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