Monday, February 23, 2009


I love the designs of Carol Gilbert of Northern California / Bay Area from Yorktown Road on Etsy- she also has her own site at
She makes these awesome purses and clutches as well as pillows and other accessorie. Clean lines and colors which feel a bit mens wear inspired with a feminine twist. You have to check her stuff out!

Where do you live and how does it influence your art?
I live in a community of mid-century homes that are simple in form and have great interest without bringing in a lot of different design elements. That concept is what I try to express in my work. Simple forms and usually just one base textile to create something beautiful, interesting and useful.

What are your favorite material to use?
I choose materials from the natural wool and alter them with random folds, pleats and seam-lines. Linen and wool are textiles I often use due to their beauty and versatility. I try to work with the natural character of the materials, to enhance a particular aspect of the textile and allow it to be seen in a new way.

Who are some of the etsy artists you admire?
PamelaTang - I'm really drawn to her work, both the wearable pieces and her original artwork. The linen wear is impeccably crafted and the silhouettes are modern and beautiful. I'm fascinated by her original art / mixed media work and how they compliment her wearable pieces so perfectly.

NestingEmily - Emily is such a talent. I have several of her pieces and treasure each one. She makes the most beautiful vases.

Plyhouse - Simple beautiful design. I purchased some of their pieces for gifts and had such a hard time actually giving them away.

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