Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kez Birdie - Welcome to Etsy

I discovered Kez Birdie when I was "pouncing" on Etsy- I saw these shoes and felt like I had found undiscovered treasure! In the meantime Kamaljit has sold a few pieces - congratulations! This is your chance to be one of the first to discover this incredible artist- and snatch up a pair of these shoes for yourself!

Name Kamaljit Kaur

Location Birmingham, UK

Business Name

Describe what you sell.
I sell paintings & drawings, garments, bags (you can never have enough bags!), knitted items, hand painted shoes.

What is your real life like?
Well my real life is still largely involved with art. I am to start a BA in fine arts in September. If I’m not painting, I’m doodling, if not that I’m sewing…you get the idea! I gotta keep my hands busy! I’m quite a keen reader, when I get time to read. I love watching movies one of my all time favourites is Seven Swords. And occasionally babysitting my niece who is just the cutest! I’m living with my family which consists of my brother, sister, mom and dad. And it does get quite hectic at times! But bless them they have to put up with my mess in the living room!

What is your process?

Most of my ideas form whilst I’m browsing the thrift stores or looking for fabric, or ref pictures for paintings. In terms of traditional art I love using pencils and charcoals. But I have been branching out into using oils, acrylics and inks. I currently have a huge acrylic painting in process. Traditional art is where this all began! Digital art, well that’s just my beloved tablet and Photoshop! The garments and bags, I’ll use any material as long as it’s not too slippery! The one thing I couldn’t do without is my awesome sewing machine. It really has stood the test of time. Generally with sewing I avoid patterns because it takes too much hassle to figure them out, so I just figure it out when it comes to it or before hand when I’m planning.

Business Goals and Vision... At the moment to sell at least one item! In the long run I’d love to do this full time otherwise it’ll stay part time and I can think about pursuing a career in tattooing. Or something in the art and design field.

How do you market your business?
Etsy, word of mouth and DeviantArt.

What inspires you?
Music, I cannot live without it. I always have music on whilst working. Or even a noisy environment helps me work believe it or not. It’s most heavy metal, punk, and occasionally weird stuff like Sa Dingding
. Stuff I come across in thrift stores inspires me, it’s amazing the good clothes you find in the thrift stores! At times it’ll be the colours or the textures of fabrics. Movies also inspire me, but not as much as music and thrift store finds. know this will probably make me sound like a soppy person, but the simple things in life are inspiring too. Like the sun rising, the beautiful old trees, the laughter of people. It all helps!

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?

Aaaa that’s like asking what’s your favourite band is!!! I love everything in my shop. This is probably the hardest question!
I’d guess it would be (picture on the right) from the jackets and (larger picture show at top) from the shoes.

Am a fan of these places...

I spend most of my time on as I have for the past 3 years! I love buttons

I love looking through so much style! And inspiration

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