Wednesday, August 20, 2008 Vandalized Vintage

I am so excited to introduce you to my first ever featured artist. I LOVE her stuff. Her pieces are a winning combination of vintage, word art and edginess. There is something so appealing about the comfort and memories that the vintage prints evoke contrasted with the irreverent words that are featured on some of my favorite pieces. Because they are vintage and hand painted they are all unique. This is a PG rated blog so I can't show you my absolute favorites (those are PG13 and R rated)- visit her shop to see them- you may laugh out loud and hopefully start making a list of girlfriends you would like to gift these to. Read on to read the interview....

Trix-I’m also known as Karen, born on Halloween night

Auckland New Zealand

Describe what you sell.
Reworked vintage china- preloved with added text or drawings in heat fused ceramic paint

What is your real life like?
Mother of two teens, married, one old dog and a cat. I’m a sculptor with a BFA from the late 80s I love comedy and rock n roll, Mexico, old boat sheds, fishing, kayaking and painting.
I also enjoy embroidery.

What is your process?
I uses Pebeo porcelain paint from France and a mapping pen which I learned to use years ago working as a graphic designer. I also use brushes.

Business Goals and Vision...
I always thought what I was doing was a fad or might be hit and miss with no market, so I have been surprised by it’s success so far. I’m completely open to where it will go.

How do you market your business?
I haven’t as yet taken out any adverts as the business/publicity comes to me. I’m probably as busy as I can manage by myself. My daughter helps with my admin to ease the workload.I like to do craft shows, just to meet my audience and get one on one feedback, so I’m involved in local shows every month.

What inspires you?
Inspiration comes from everywhere. People suggest new words all the time. The urban dictionary is great. Assemblage ideas I have come from the vintage plates that turn up.

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
I’m proud of the the Kills and Ting Tings plates as I really think the bands are great and the hairdos are the most fun to do.

Am a fan of these places...
I was and still am a curster fan-
Also I shop at
I’m keen on many etsians, birdspoke, lusterbunny, scrapatorium, luxford st

Find Trix at... under object art


Anonymous said...

Oh I love those plates!!

benconservato said...

oh I love trixiedelicious, I have been looking at her work for a while now.

ThreadBeaur said...

Nice feature! Thanks for find such a fun shop!


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