Friday, December 19, 2008

Not too Late to Buy Handmade

Time is running out for all of us last minute shoppers! If you have made a commitment to shop handmade this season and still have a few names on the list that haven't been checked off- have no can still shop local.

We sometimes forget that shopping local for handmade is an excellent choice. I actually prefer it to shopping on-line because I am supporting the community, the shop and the artist. Another benefit is that I can check out the quality of the product before I buy it.

Here are some ways to find handmade in your area...
1) Fairs- check your local paper in the Arts section for information about Street fairs, Farmers Markets or Art Shows happening in your community this weekend.

2)High End Boutiques- you will often find handmade jewelry and other accessories in these shops. Yes, it's more expensive but if you are splurging on a nice piece- it's worth it. Sometimes these are stand-alone establishments or they are located in a hotel or mall.

3)Consignment shops- Oh...a virtual treasure trove! There are many consignment shops in average size cities- some cater to home goods, some womens high end clothing; others to baby and children's items. Often you will find a considerable about of locally made goods in these establishments to round of their selections of gently used items.

If you are tight on time you can do internet searches for local shops matching certain keywords. Call ahead and see if they have items in the general categories that you are looking to purchase.
Some other places to look are museum shops, stationary stores/card shops and off the beaten path type of general stores.
Good Luck!

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