Monday, September 15, 2008

Pink Papillon Jewelry

Mary Ann Springer

Central New the historic town of Crosswicks...settled in 1670

Business Name
Pink Papillon

Describe what you sell.
Custom hand stamped jewelry in precious metals

What is your real life like?
Ha-ha! This *is* my real life!! Stamping has completely taken over! But seriously, I live in a fabulous small historic town called Crosswicks located in central New Jersey with my husband Nick, my children Noah (7) and Hope (5) along with a menagerie of pets including a 4 pound Yorkie, and Australian Shepherd, 4 cats, many fish, and Sea Monkeys! When I am not hammering jewelry you usually can find me running or at the gym. I also love to learn new jewelry techniques~~ before stamping took over my life, I actually made all kinds of jewelry!

What is your process?
I start with raw materials~~ which is SO satisfying when you finally end up with a finished product! I do a variety of things~~ I may saw or cut, use the torch (my FAVORITE), bend and shape, file and buff, antique~~ of an d of course, individually hand stamp each and every letter. I think that is important for people to know as some people think I "set" all the letters first, and then use something to stamp it all at once. Not so! I lovingly hand stamp each letter one at a time!

Business Goals and Vision...
This has been a big year for pink papillon jewelry~~ I have grown and expanded so much and have been extremely busy. This is the first year both of my children are in school all day. In the past I limited the amount of wholesale accounts I took on, just as I didn't feel I had enough time for any more. I am very excited as this opens up a lot of extra time for me, and I can not only allow more accounts, but I am thinking about do the large vendor shows in New York City to *really* get the pink papillon name out there!

How do you market your business?
Everywhere! I am pretty much open to whatever comes my way. I used to pay for many different advertising opportunities, but I started to find that the little things I did free of charge were the most beneficial to me. This is my best advertising advise to anyone! For example, I was asked to write and article for the Soft Flex Wire company~~ a fabulous opportunity, as they as so well known and have a very popular website! I have stayed with them and not only wrote another article, but was named their Designer of the Month! All for free! Now, I am not saying I wouldn't pay for a fabulous advertising opportunity, but I really do think that there are ways to advertise yourself with great results if you keep your eyes open!

Do you subscribe to any business related blogs, zines or magazines?
One that I *really* like is
For a small monthly fee you can set up a "look shop" on their site. They then will send you press releases and press opportunities through email. They also will send around a "Designer News Flash" where you can sort of toot your own horn and have other people see it! It has been really interesting!

What inspires you?
Nothing specific, really.....I'll just see something...a gemstone, or whatever and just think, "Wouldn't that look nice with X?" Or I will just sit there and put pieces together and see what I like!

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
I am in LOVE with my new font~~ I call it the "Designer" font as you will find it *no where* else but in my shop as it was created by my husband just for me! I have been stamping for years, and in the beginning my block and my girlie font were enough. But as the stamping world has grown at an incredible pace, I like to keep my self a little ahead of the game. So I guess anything in my new font would be a favorite! I also really love my gold vermeil Initial Necklace with the Thai flower~~ I designed it so the flower is propped up a little and it is just the sweetest thing to wear~~ I love it!

Am a fan of these places...
Oh gosh, I am the BIGGEST online shopper, so this one is hard. Let's see.
I am addicted to the cupcakes at Fat Daddy Bake Shop on etsy. They are HIGHLY recommended by me!
I also love to visit
I think I keep Sephora in business all by myself! I buy tons of outfits for my daughter at CUTE stuff. Of course I love
Face Book and
my blog! (see link below)

Find seller at...
All over! But directly at: or my blog at


Jen said...

I love the way she photographs her jewelry! Just beautiful!!!

-10oneworld on etsy

BlossomingTree said...

Nice feature. I really like the sterling silver bracelet.

Brandon said...

I love stamped jewelry! Mary your work is lovely!

315thomas said...

beautiful jewelry and great interview!

fookaDESIGNS said...

great feature. beautiful work!

Giftbearer said...

Gorgeous work! I would love to know how she gets such a deep impression and keeps that patina only in the lines like that! I've never gotten those perfect results with liver of sulfer.


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