Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jessi Taylor and the Mangels

I am pleased to introduce Jessi Taylor from Etsy. I was intrigued by these bracelets and taken by the cleaver name. You can find her and all of her wonderful products at

What inspired you to make this product?
well, there are these bracelets that bike people make out of old bicycle spokes; the spoke has a little button on the end that makes for a great clasp. i adapted that idea into a unisex bracelet that is kind of fancy, but really easy to wear; and i really love that it might be recognizable to a bike mechanic with a keen eye!

What are your favorite materials to use?
sterling silver and gold are my media; but what really gets me going is setting things in it: natural stones, buttons, typewriter keys, bike reflectors, taxidermy eyes, beach glass, ceramic tiles.....

Who are some etsy artists that you admire?
there are so many awesome artists on etsy!
and of course, all my peeps at etsymetal:

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