Monday, August 25, 2008

Redhead Diva's Paper Emporium

Wendy Taylor (a.k.a. Redhea
d Diva)

Northwest Arkansas

Describe what you sell.
Stickers - Etsy Shop Stickers,
Thank You Stickers, Birthday Stickers, Etc.
Business Cards - Custom Designed Business Cards

Custom Rubber Stamps

Kids Stickers - Label all of your kids toys, sippee cups, etc.

Business Name
Redhead Diva's Paper Emporium

What is your real life like?
I have been married for 8 years to a wonderful "computer techie" and we have 2 little Weener dogs or what we refer to as Doxies.

What is your process?
I have been a graphic designer for 10+ years. My computer and my printer are my main tools! I can't live with out them!

Business Goals and Vision...
I have only been open for about a month now so my vision is to grow my business to be a full service shop for everyone. I'd like to make 5-8 sales per day at least. I'd love to make enough to quit my day job at the ad agency I work for but that would mean 20+ orders a day!!! Someday ....

How do you market your business?

just on Etsy

Do you subscribe to any business related blogs,zines or magazines?

I subscribe to Package Design
Magazine and AdAge

What inspires you?
I love to visit stationary stores and scrapbook stores. I LOVE paper!

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?

My doxie stickers and my birdie in a tree stickers

Am a fan of these places...
My shop of course! I'm addicted at seeing if I have any convos!
My mother's store at
the promo forum on etsy
I LOVE pounce on etsy
I love shopping at!

Find me at...

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