Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have had this lovely cross stitch pattern in my favorites on Etsy for some time. I want to make this- as soon as I finish my other projects. Emily Peacock of Cookham, Berkshire, UK is the girl behind the design you can find her on Etsy or at her own site-
She carries other similar patterns that you will love- check her out!
What inspired you to make this product?
I was inspired by the fact that so many crafts are experiencing a revival. I have always enjoyed a range of crafts, but particularly love to do tapestries. There was nothing available that seemed to inspire me or break with tradition and so I set about changing that. Working with your hands is so grounding and there seems no reason why people who love to create would not try something different. If you can follow a knitting pattern or do a cross stitch, you can make a tapestry... what's important is that the designs must be attractive, relevant and fun to do. I also love to create objects that I will use and enjoy. I have turned all my designs into pillows and they really influence the look of my home. I am now so hooked on creating my tapestries, I feel lost if I don't have one to work on!

What inspires you on a daily basis?
I don't like to limit myself to one theme. I enjoy being in the flow of life, aware of trends and what other people are doing and interpreting them in my own way. I keep my subject matter uplifting - my designs are about love and humanity and positivity. Yesterday, for example, I took a walk in Portobello Road in London. This area is world famous for it's individual and highly creative shops and stalls. Walking without searching, but just absorbing and enjoying, left me feeling energized and inspired. I have some ideas and themes I want to explore, but these ideas will inevitably be fed by what I have seen and experienced. It's important to open your eyes to the life and beauty around you, then you realize the possibilities are endless.

Where do you live and how does that influence your art?
When I began designing, I was living in the South West of France. The heat and colour were intense and the bright colours I use reflected that. The nature around me played a part in 'The Meeting Place', 'Stars over Corn ', 'Primal Sun ' and 'In Bloom' . Now I am back in the UK my life is more urban. My background is in graphic design and so I am more tuned into typography, retail trends and the man-made rather than the natural. Even in overcast England, my colors are still bright and eye-catching, so this is a personal choice, an expression of who I am and has little to do with geography. I find that the technique of stitching onto a blank canvas with vibrant colors really lifts the spirits and brightens the environment around you. My designs are not for the conservative or those that wish to blend in!

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