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Babycheeks - Fun Fashion for Little Ones

The first time I looked at Jen Dimler's Etsy shop I loved that everything matched! Some of my favorites are the Skull collection, the For the Birds collection and the Mod fabric collection! She makes blankies, bibs, burp clothes, onsies, embellished jeans, changing pads and binky/toy clips. Purchase one of each from the same collection and have a matching set! She has obviously put alot of time and thought into her line so I wanted to pick her brain- check it out....

Duxbury, Massachusetts

What is your real life like?
My real life is pretty crazy. I recently went from working a very demanding full time job in consumer products marketing to one of the most challenging jobs in the world: staying home with two small children. I have a very focused and bright 4 year old boy who asks me tons of very detailed philosophical questions and a very active and mischievous 1 year old girl who gets into everything. When I am not hanging out with them, I am working part time for my husband’s law firm as a marketing manager and working on babycheeks in the wee hours of the night.

What is your process?
I like to use bright colored and fun cotton designer fabrics because they are stylish and yet durable and tough--perfect for kids. I also use soft and practical fabrics like minkey and chenille in a lot of my creations too. Absolutely everything has to be 100% washable, durable, practical and safe. And, of course, cool!

What inspires you?
My kids are a big part of my inspiration, along with my own childhood memories. I draw primarily from that. My son is currently into Robots and Cars (hence why I have those collections in my store) and The Daddy Buy Me a Pony collection and What a Doll collection was inspired by my childhood obsession with horses and paper dolls. The We'll Always Have Paris Collection was inspired from my honeymoon and love of all things French.

Business Goals and Vision...
I just opened my shop in mid-June-- it sort of just happened. I plan and think out just about everything I do, so it’s kinda funny that I didn’t really plan this, I just did it! I’m just now thinking out what my short and long term goals and plans are… Short term, I am looking to the holidays and trying to get things ready for my first holiday season on etsy. Long term, I am looking at developing my own website, producing press and sales kits and developing the wholesale portion of the business.

How do you market your business?
I have two target markets: Educated and stylish moms looking for fashion-forward, one-of-a-kind items for their kids and gift givers looking for that special baby gift that is sure to impress. I know this business well, not only because I’m trained in marketing and a mom myself, but because I used to develop mass-market baby products for a very well known baby brand. I go where the expectant and first time moms go. Because babycheeks is still very small and my marketing budget is virtually non-existent, my advertising and promotion has been focused on grass roots mommy sites, blogs and a word-of-mouth campaign. I have to be very creative! Once my website is up and running though, I plan on getting more aggressive with PR and hope to participate in at least one American Baby Faire in 2009 as well.

Do you subscribe to any business related blogs, zines or magazines?
Actually, most of my subscriptions are to mommy magazines and websites/blogs. I don't currently subscribe to any business magazines or blogs/e-zines, but I am one of the weirdos that loves the business part of my craft as much as I love the craft itself!

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
This is tough! I guess anything in the What a Doll Collection, especially the jeans. I just love that fabric, and it’s been very popular with my customers as well. I also love the Roll with It Sushi Collection too. It’s just so chic and fun, but unisex too. It has also been very popular.

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