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I have had my eye on the creations of Lindsey Bucklew of Klewism from Washington DC for awhile. I am in awe of her work! She sells extremely intricate, one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. I was checking my inbox for her response to my questions because I couldn't wait to see what she said about her process and inspiration...and it doesn't disappoint.

What is your "real" life like?
I have a 'pet' bat (rather, a bat that has chosen my window screen as it's daytime sleeping spot) who, though not cuddly, is cute... in an ugly sort of way. Sometimes, however, I get to play with a very cuddly and fluffy Siberian Husky, named "Loki". I'm quite an animal enthusiast.

I also love to swim in the ocean, paint pictures, try new artistic mediums, read books, travel, and collect curiosities. I'm intrigued by people, objects,

and subjects that are fantastic or eccentric.

What is your process?
I use just about anything in my jewelry: wire, buttons, beads, rhinestones, screws, nuts, bolts, bones, shells, vintage jewelry fragments, buckles, drawer handles, photos, paintings, fresh water pearls, needles, and semi-precious stones. I grab a pair of pliers and wire cutters, then the jewelry just "happens." I just start working and the piece evolves organically as I go. It's a stream-of-consciousness process that I really only try to analyze in retrospect.

What are your goals and vision for your business?
Put simply, I want to keep exploring and creating jewelry for my own pleasure.
I'll be making jewelry whether I have a business or not. I want Klewism to thrive, in part, so I
can afford to continue this creative obsession.

What inspires you?
I'm inspired by details and 'imperfections'. Cracks in plaster, the infinite network of wrinkles and ridges on human skin, old books with splitting spines... the juxtaposition of contrasting textures is endlessly fascinating to me.

I love nearly every color, so colors usually 'jump' out at me in pairs or groups depending on my mood. If I could have my ideal work space, it would always smell like cinnamon, evergreen, or like "Christmas"... those smells probably trigger childhood fantasies of walking into a room of whimsical toys.

I mainly listen to audio books while I create, so whatever narrative or lecture
I'm listening to influences the final product in some indirect way.

Who is your favorite musical artist ?
Wow, that's hard for me to say... I'm a classic rock nerd, really. I love The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles.... I also love classical music in a naive way- I know absolutely nothing about it- it's way beyond my musical comprehension, and yet it's transcendently beautiful.
For stimulating the more primal parts of my brain, listening to a performance of The Who at the Isle of Wight never fails to do the trick.
You-Tube link

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
Usually my favorite thing is the most recent creation, but the most epic projects, which tend to be necklaces, are never far from the top of the list. One of which, The "Helen of Troy" Necklace was my first truly grand project.
pictured above
Another favorite, also a 'statement' necklace is the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil"- the mixture of vibrant jewels tones makes this piece look like a thick cluster of multi-colored berries on a tree with golden leaves.
First picture

I am a fan of.....
My favorite online jewelry store is MocaShop. Every item in the shop is unique, and really edgy: http://mocashop.com
World Artisan Gems: http://worldartisangems.com/
The Wire Artisans Guild Blog: http://www.thewireartisansguild.blogspot.com/
An absolutely brilliant Milliner, Katie Burley: http://katieburley.com
The Wire Artisans Guild Team Store:

Find Me....
My Website: http://klewism.com
Etsy Store: http://klewism.etsy.com

Flickr Photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lindseybucklew/
Indiepublic: http://www.indiepublic.com/profile/LindseyBucklew
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/klewism

A Blond and A Torch

I am pleased to introduce Jen Nixon from Nome, Texas of A Blond And A Torch. She makes and sells mostly sterling silver jewelry--rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and now cuff links. She likes to keep things simple, but elegant. She says, "Sometimes less really is more."

What is your “real” life like?
My real life is crazy right now! On top of being a domestic goddess, I am trying to recover from hurricane Ike, raise my 12 year old son, and still find time to hang out with my husband. On top of that, I have two dogs outside, Layla and Lucy, and two inside cats, Ginger and Max.

What is your process?
I typically work with sterling silver, sometimes gold-fill and brass. I prefer using simple soldering techniques and, of course, I love to beat things into submission with my hammer.

What are your goals and vision for your business?
Well, when this started it was just a hobby to lower stress. Now I am selling online and in a few stores scattered around the U.S. I would like to see my online business grow in the short term, and my wholesale accounts grow in the future. However, I am terrified of success......LOL

How and where do you market your business?
Mainly I try to get myself out there online. I am on Trunkt:

And I have my blog:

What inspires you?
Nature inspires me--I love flowers and I have been working on a series of flower-like rings. I also love the shapes that I find all around me.

Who is your favorite musical artist?
Oh, such a tough question! I really don't have one. I get sick of songs so easily so what I like is always changing. I have to say that when I am the car I will catch myself speeding if Saving Abel comes on!

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
This always changes too! Right now I love these Striation Rings:

Pictured below
They just catch so much attention when I wear them!

And of course my bangles:
Pictured above
Which I wear many of!

I am a fan of...
Sandra Eileen-Jewelry For Your Good Life:

Funky Quail:

Une Petite Etoile:

Find me...


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