Monday, February 9, 2009

The Original Rings of Catherinette Rings

I see the distinct styling of Catherinette rings everywhere these days. Daniel Proulx of Montreal, Quebec, Canada really knows you to get his signature rings "out there". He is giving us a sneak peek of a new ring made with a Chrome Diopside gemstone. The color is just dreamy, right?

What inspired you to make this product?
My name is Daniel and I'm the creator of the Steampunk & Cyberpunk rings
that can be found in my ETSY shop : .
When I started to make rings I always go for the more complicated designs.
My goals were to make wearable & durable wire sculpture . At that time i didn't know anything about steampunk but oneday a friend told me I should look into that because my rings were very similar in style. After some research I went to one of my material suppliers and bought antiqued metal beads and wire. I came up with the the current design . I have been inspired by mechanics, futuristic and a friend.

What are your favorite materials to use?
I really like to use gemstones and clock parts . I recently created a new model in which I drill by hand a tiny hole into Amber and inlay old vintage clock parts .
I also like unusual and rare gemstones such as Chrome diopside and Sphene titanite .
I don't have these in my shop yet, here's a preview of my latest ring with
Chrome Diopside that I made for myself.

Where do you live and how does that influence your art?
I live in Montreal and I believe that the diversity of culture and architecture has an influence on my inspiration. Like in my city, I like to mix old with new .

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