Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PalomasNest- Home Goods

I first discovered Palomas Nest on Etsy during a search for rings. I came upon one of Caroline's listings- it was a bowl similar to one pictured at the bottom of the post that reads "be the change". I think this would be a lovely bowl to have by the sink in my bathroom- a little morning inspiration and a place to put my jewelry when I am washing up. She has a unique style that is easy to recognize- casual yet modern- organic but polished- useful and exciting, always perfectly simple and well crafted. Having her shop in your favorites is a MUST- convo her if you have any special requests- she is a gem of a girl who would bend over backwards to make you happy!


Caroline Colom Vasquez

Austin Texas

Business Name
Paloma’s Nest

Describe what you sell.
Handcrafted gift wares and home goods made of natural materials and stamped with texts

What is your real life like?
I am a full time Mom- that keeps me plenty busy! Hobbies and interests include Art History and Interior Design, and my husband and I design furniture together.

What is your process?
My work is made of pure clays like earthenware and porcelain, wood, cotton fibers, and recycled papers. The few tools I really use, besides my own two hands, are my collection of vintage stamps and my rolling pin!

Business Goals and Vision...
My Etsy shop provides me with an international audience for my work. I love the personal interaction I get to have with my customers there, and the orders from my shop keep my production running at full capacity! In the long term, we are expanding our home-based studio space so that production and my product line can expand over time.

How do you market your business?
Online, photos are the most important part of selling your work. If your photos do not show off your product or attract attention, they will not be noticed.
I honestly feel like excellent customer service is the best way to market and grow your business…happy customers tell their friends!!

Do you subscribe to any business related blogs, zines or magazines?
I wish I had more time to keep up with the design journals! I love the community of blogging, but again, I just don’t have time to explore much beyond Etsy.
For me, the best way to improve my business is by focusing on my own work. It is easy to become distracted by other artists, or to want to modify your designs to be “more like” something you see selling elsewhere…but the most important thing is to be true to your own design sense and your own product line…in the long run, that is what will make you stand out from the crowd!

What inspires you?
Art history and ancient symbolism inspires me when researching texts and words to use in my work. I also pay attention to tactile senses like the feeling of cold stone and or the sound of crunchy leaves on a cool Autumn morning.

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
That is like having to choose a favorite child!! I do really enjoy making custom pieces, as I love the idea that I am creating an “instant” heirloom for someone to cherish for years and generations to come.

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