Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beadcomber Handmade Beads

These handmade polymer clay beads from Tina's shop look so lifelike that admirers may be fooled! When I saw them I knew that they would be appreciated by my readers and Tina has kindly agreed to talk to me about them....


Tina Holden

Business Name
Tina Holden - Beadcomber

West Coast of Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Describe what you sell.
Multi-media jewelry often using
my own handmade focal beads and pendants, mostly handmade components, Chakra Jewelry and my tutorials for both polymer clay and beadwork.

What are the best sellers in your shop?
mmm...hard to say since there
is a bit of everything, but I've sold quite a few tutorials and beads from my underwater collection.

How do you market your business?
Well, Etsy is probably the main one, but I also sell through galleries, boutiques and gift stores. I've written tutorials for magazines, joined online groups of like-minded creative souls such as Talent Database. Then, of course, there is plenty of blogging and getting the opportunity for interviews such as here.

What is your target market?
Probably all age groups, this
includes the casual for young girls and women, classy for business women, hip for young men, the surf culture and new age interest.

What do you offer that sets you apart from the other supply sellers on Etsy?
That's a big question. Of course we all want to be different and offer something unique and
worthwhile, find some sort of niche that no one else has filled yet. My Reiki Pendants are unique as are my Picasso Power Pendants where people can choose their own stones with a chart I supply, to have something crafted just for them.

I also focus on items that reflect my natural surroundings as with my Underwater collection of Sea Urchin, Starfish and Shell beads that are lovingly recreated using polymer clay because the natural products are too fragile for wear. There are a couple of items that I designed and created that will soon find their way onto Etsy as well which have done really well for me in various galleries.

What is your “real” life like?
I have wonderful husband/partner
of 26 plus years who is very supportive in what I do. As a matter of fact he has turned to creating his own line of jewelry and pendants...carved prehistoric ivory pendants, inlaid stones into antler, resin work. I'll be putting up a store for him soon. We have two kids. Well, they aren't kids anymore maybe that is why I really want a dog or cat, or both! Job and Hobby is the same as we're semi-retired. I'm interested in

Graphic design, beachcombing and what not...

Any offers you want to give blog readers?
I always send a Gift along with purchases. Plus, I'll offer Free

Reserves to blog readers. If one orders a few items from all the listings, there is a little extra shipping added, .25 per item for Canada and USA, .50 per item for elsewhere. People will sometimes ask me to do a special reserve instead for which I usually charge the .20 listing cost. Just mention you read "Debbie Gootter Designs Blog". Doesn't sound like much, but if one has a whole bunch of requests, it really saves.

Find seller at... (polymer clay blog) (jewelry) (picturetrail)

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Jo Bradford said...

I love these pieces - very much in keeping with a strong theme in my own etsy store - The seaside!!


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