Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today I have Paul & Sharon Van Scott from Beckley, West Virginia. They rub the Etsy shop "Finalscore" and also have a web site at
I just love art that is pixelated and they make this great piece of art- it's Papa Smurph but it is made up of smaller images that are Smurph related. Click on the picture to go to the listing and see another image that is a close up.
What inspired you to make this product?
I've always loved optical illusions and art that can be viewed in different ways. Montage/mosaics seemed to me to be the perfect item for fans of anything. After several years of traditional mosaic making I decided to go one better and make a few out of actual scenes from movies and TV. Being a kid of the late 70s/early 80s I was a little ahead of the Smurf craze but watched it nonetheless. Papa Smurf seemed like the perfect charecter to immortalize in blue Smurfdom with an art piece though I have to admit I also have a Smurfette and even Gargamel.

What inspires you on a daily basis?
I'm a big sports fan so obviously I get a lot of inspiration there. I grew up near DC and have always been a big Redskin fan. With that in mind it was a huge thrill for me in 2007 when the Redskins star tight end Chris Cooley purchased a piece I did of him. Then last year his grandparents bought another piece I did of him on canvas. One of the stars of the movie A Christmas Story bought two items from me and had me do a custom piece of his famous scene from the movie. I think any artist gets inspiration from the things they like. It just makes doing the art that much more easy and fun.

What are some of the websites you most frequently visit?
I visit a really weird mix of sites. Since I'm a sports fan I go to a lot, ha ha. As mentioned earlier I like optical illusions and theres a UK site called that is just great for optical illusions, cool art, articles and items. I had been visiting the site for a couple years and then thought they might like to see my stuff and they ended up doing an article on my items and I did a special piece for them. It is still on there. I also like UFO sites, and

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