Sunday, September 21, 2008

Find a Graphic Designer on Etsy on Your Budget

I was first introduced to Gabbie (MissEvilKitty) through IndiePublic
If you are not familiar with Indie Public- have a's a place where Indie artists meet and network. Gabbie has her own group called "How to Get Yourself Out There" she often posts articles that are helpful to Indie business owners. I am very impressed with her advice and am pleased to have her writing for me on Sunday's. Show her some love and leave her a comment here, visit her website which is linked throughout this article or visit her Etsy shop- click on her Etsy mini to the right.

Your image as a shop?

As a graphic designer what grabs my attention is simple NOT over the top design/s .
I know A LOT of people always say I don’t have the money to hire a graphic designer.
You do only you don’t want to get out of your “comfy” zone. Am I right?

I have matured with my designs over the years my latest work at Has to be the best I done this year or the past six years I been online as a tiny shop.
My image right now is simple , vintage inspired and young . Am a young designer am 24 so my “branding image” grabs your attention it looks like i paid good money to get my look. but in reality it took me 30 mins to 1-2 hours to get my look!

Gabbie, how do I find a graphic designer I can afford ?
Etsy has TONS of designers go to and then:
Home > Buy > Categories > everything else > graphic design
On the left you well see:
avatar,banner,business cards,logo design,web design
If you need a template look for
Say : business card template .
A lot of shops sell premade packages some vary in the price range of $12-60. Most shops well let you add more items for a small fee make sure to shop around.

Gabbie what should I check for when am graphic designer shopping?
1. Is the design style they offer like yours ?
2. Feedback and sales how long have then been on etsy?
3. Do I get the copyright of the design once I buy it ?
4. Do they offer printed items like business cards , labels and such?
5. Customer service ! send them a convo and see how long they take to get back to you.

Other tips:
Some shops wont re design a design they sold in the past for you so when you convo to request a design make sure to be clear as to what you want .( I had more then 10 customers ask me this and i have to simple say i cant redo that design)

Read shop policies, check to see what kind of payment they accept, how long the turnaround ..
Most places are 1-2 days

- Gabbie designs for three websites which are her own and designs for her Etsy & DaWanda shops. Gabbie enjoys working with people to get that new look. You can find Gabbie's work on Etsy at and

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