Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Name Alisa Burke

Location San Diego, CA

Business Name Alisa Burke

Describe what you sell. I am a painter and mixed media artist who recently branched out into creating and selling one of a kind accessories made from canvas paintings and recycled materials.

What is your real life like? I juggle A LOT and often feel like I don’t have a “real life”!!! By day I am the Assistant Director of Print and Brand Marketing at the University of San Diego and the rest of my life is spent working as a painter and mixed media artist. I recently wrote a book titled Canvas Remix so now I can add author to the list of things that I do. When I am not painting and creating I love to spend time outdoors with my husband, traveling and my most recent passion is cooking. I am learning more and more that the key to my survival and sanity is balance and everyday I try to make this my priority!!

What is your process? Since my background is in fine art, so much of my process revolves around drawing and painting and using simple materials- canvas and paint. Typically I will start with yards of unstretched canvas that I treat like a painting or composition- building up layers of painted images, texture and writing. Once I feel that it is complete, I then cut up my canvas painting and transform (usually by sewing) it into something new. Lately I have been using lots of recylced materials and try to take a more “green” approach to the things that I create. Often this means I will sew junk mail, fused plastic bags, and all sorts of materials that may typically get thrown out, into my art. My goals is to push myself to be creative with simple materials and redefine the concept of art.

Business Goals and Vision... Like a lot of creative entrepenuers, I have a long term goal of going completely full time as an artist without the safety net of a day job. Between my book, teaching workshops, wholesale opportunities, gallery exhibits and Etsy – I am finding that I am getting really close to this goal!! But lately I have been trying just appreciate where I am at in the process and working on embracing baby steps.

How do you market your business? Etsy of course!
Teaching is a great marketing tool
boutiques and galleries
The blog world is amazing and free marketing Online networking sites- mycraftivity, myspace, facebook, linkedIn And good ol’ fashion word of mouth!!

Do you subscribe to any business related blogs,zines or magazines? I love scouring the blogs and websites for new ideas and business inspiration- a few of my favorites are-

The Boss of You -laurenandemira.com

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Jennifer Perkins has great marketing advice!

Art Biz Blog-

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What inspires you? I must have music blasting when I am creating and depending on my mood this can range from punk rock to jazz to folk. I am also inspired by street art, graffiti, peeling paint, old wood, layers of time built up on the surface of a brick wall, art history, rebellious women, punk rock culture and travel.

What are two of your favorite things from your shop? The yellow numbers wallet and the floral graffiti clutch.

Am a fan of these places...

Etsy Stores

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