Sunday, August 31, 2008

BallAndChain Jewelry

I am in love with Katrina Ballings jewelry creations! Here sterling silver silhouette collection is da BOMB! She makes other types of jewelry as well, another of my favorites being her crocheted chain necklaces. Truly inspired! and inspiring....take a look....

Katrina Balling

Redhook, Brooklyn NY

Business Name
Ballandchain Jewelry

Describe what you sell
I have a variety of jewelry... I will describe it based on the sections in my store:
Kitschy silhouettes- Hand sawn sterling silver silhouette necklaces mostly with a tool or everyday object theme.
Crocheted chain necklaces
Open the door - Necklaces featuring vintage keys, or solid silver castings of my favorite keys.
Casting Call- Jewelry made with the lost wax casting method
Asymmetry- Necklaces made with a focus on asymmetrical design or combinations of chain, stones, and or beads Vintage Reinvented-Vintage findings & parts remade into new jewelry designs Simplicity - Pretty stones or special beads simply on chain Semi Precious earrings Vintage Beads- designs made with a focus on unique & colorful vintage glass beads.
Chunky Chain - simple large bold chain necklaces

What is your real life like?
Job-I do surface design for a home furnishings
I also make oil paintings, and just had a show this
past January in NH. I would have to say after my job,
my painting, jewelry making and Etsy, my hobby is
sewing, though I haven't done that in a long time! I
also like to crochet scarves, and will do that to &
from work on the subway in the winter.
I am happily married to my husband who is also a
painter. We have a cat & dog. We are both originally
from NH, but love our life in Brooklyn & love the

What is your process?

My process is to work on what I am the most interested
in at the time. I suppose I use whatever I need to
realize my ideas. Mostly I have been concentrating on
my hand sawn shapes, but recently I have been
experimenting with the lost wax process. I enjoy
working with the wax-getting back to sculpture, which
I originally went to school for. After learning to
crochet 2 years ago I immediately tried it with chain
& love the result.

Business Goals and Vision...
I love that Etsy gives me an easy to use venue &
presence online. I hope to develop my online presence
more, I think website each for both my painting and my
jewelry are short term goals.
Long term plans, I hope to always be making things and
being creative.

How do you market your business?
I mostly market my business on Etsy itself. I have
images on flicker and indiepublic, but find it hard to
spend time there. I'd rather be in my studio working.
I do have some jewelry in a couple local stores in
Redhook- Atlantis...Found, and at another fellow
Etsian's store: Metal and Thread, and in Philadelphia
at VIX Emporium, another Etsian.

Do you subscribe to any business related blogs,zines or magazines?
rarebird finds
etsy finds
readymade magazine
otherwise whatever magazine catches my eye on the news
I suppose it may be less business related, more for
researching fashion & trend.

What inspires you?

Color is definitely a huge obsession. I can sit &
play with it forever! I love to see vibrant colors
work together. Color makes me happy. I love to
collect vintage glass beads because of this, and
sometimes find them hard to part with. Also I think
jewelry making satisfies my need to hoard pretty shiny
Also humor, is an inspiration. I find humor in making
images of everyday objects into a piece of adornment.
I wish my work to have a sense of playfulness,
sometimes to actually be a visual joke. Wouldn't it be
funny if...

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
Underpants sterling silver necklace
Milk Jug sterling silver necklace
I suppose I think they are the funniest!

Am a fan of these places...

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