Friday, February 13, 2009

Paige Russell Design

I am pleased to introduce you to the talented Paige Russell of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
I love the simplicity of this piece and that it can be displayed in a non-pretentious way. Her work is so clean and meticulous. Find more of her designs on Etsy or her own site.
What inspired you to make this product?
I have always had a strong affection for function & for simple beauty. Those two things took me to product design school. It was there (at Parsons School of Design in NYC) that I was introduced to ceramic slipcasting. I fell hard for the medium & the element of control over shape design and the ability to produce multiples that slipcasting provides. The pieces I've designed over the years in ceramic have also been informed by my habit of personifying objects. I want them to have personality and a bit of a story. I shoot for cheeky & hope to avoid novel!

What inspires you on a daily basis?
I'm really inspired by early to mid-century designers (both product & graphic) ie: Alvar Aalto, Isamu Noguchi, George Nelson, Harry Sierman.

What are some of the websites you most frequently visit? - for product - for graphics - for graphics (via grain edit)
They are amazing!

Some of my fave etsy artists are:
Joanna Rutter She makes really sweet jewelry and is super nice person!

Papaver Vert Makes super yummy felted bowls, etc. Love 'em.

My mom, Sharon Russell She does kick ass modern acrylic paintings. So proud.

Paper Tiger Design Co. Check out the Color Spectrum printable calender & the Geometric Love cards. Brilliant!

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