Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jennifer Love Beads

Jennifer Mu


Business Name Santa Clara, CA
Describe what you sell.
Semi-Precious Beads

What are the best sellers in your shop?
Tourmaline, Topa
z, Apatite

How do you market yourself?
What is your target market? My target market is individual
jewelry artisan

What do you offer that sets you apart from the other supply sellers on Etsy?
I sell high quality and unique beads that are hard to find
anywhere else

What is your “real” life like- kids- animals- job-hobbies- interests:
I work for a financial service company as a software
engineer. Married about 5 years ago and no kid yet. I like hiking, travling, BBQ, and play Texas hold'em

Where can we find you on the web?
I have a store named jennifertuzi in eBay
and an online store ( still in construction)

Any offers you want to give blog readers?
I would like to provide free shipping for blog readers with order more than $100.

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