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MyFriendRoze - Jewelry Artist

I am pleased to introduce you to the work of Rose from myfriendroze on Etsy. Rose specialized in silver work- making bracelets, necklaces, rings and some other fun things in interesting shaped and textures. She is just getting started on Etsy so check her shop out and add her to your favorites as she is always coming up with new ways to make her craft stand out from the crowd.
Read the interview....

Name Rose Braunstein

Business Name
My jewelry line is called myfriendroze. I got that name from my old life in the music industry. I was making jewelry all the time and one of the famousies I worked for asked for a ring for free. He then promptly lost it, so I made another one- he lost that too. He then asked for another one, and I said "you'll have to buy it like everyone else" he then said "don't you want my publicity for free?" I replied "why yes I do absolutely want your publicity for free---what's my last name?" He had no idea. So I said "what kind of publicity am I getting? do you just say "my friend rose made it?"

Los Angeles CA - specifically Glassel Park/Eagle Rock

Describe what you sell.
Handmade sterling silver and 14k (usually rose colored) gold with semiprecious and precious stones thrown in for good measure.

What is your real life like?
Real life? well for several (I'm too young to say exactly how many) years I did radio promotion in the music industry...until about a year ago, I had it and quit to travel the world (in no particular order I went to Israel, Egypt, Peru, Argentina, Turkey, England, Ireland and Romania -to name a few) to buy crafts, and make jewelry and sculpture. I was always making jewelry in my "spare" time" but never selling it or anything like that. I was a sculpture major at Parsons, but somehow got caught up in music and lost a few years there. So now I sit at home with my female dog George and cat Puppycat and try to create and not worry about bills. (for some reason they keep coming I can't stop them)

What is your process?
Though I was a sculpture major I am self taught in jewelry- so everything is a happy accident. I hope that I can figure things out as I go- many times I cannot and there are piles of wasted lovely materials lying around. Most recently I tried my hand at making a mold for casting... I used plaster and then poured wax into it... it didn't work as well as I had hoped- although I did get a few pieces of "bubblewrap" jewelry out of it.. so I am going to try rubber later in the week.

Business Goals and Vision...
My bubblewrap and I plan to take over the world. Ok well first I hope to make a few sales on Etsy and get into some more brick and mortar stores. I am looking for a rep but don't know how to find one really. I need one that deals with one of a kind items.. I always want to be involved in making the jewelry so although maybe I should want to be in mass merchants I don't know that it will ever be possible since I can't make 400 items a day by myself.

How do you market your business?
Mostly online with social networking sites (and your blog) and through friends in the music industry and word of mouth.

What inspires you?
I'm one of those people that has some version of ADD- though I think that term is overused- for example I'm hammering circles for something and I go to wash my hands and there are bubbles and then I remember bubblewands from when I was a kid and I want to make something that looks like a bubblewand and then I do, and then I think well how can this be a ring too, and then I see mosaic and I think how can I put mosaic in my pieces and then I have to send something and there is bubblewrap and I want to cast it and then I see something orange and I want my displays to be orange and then I get hungry.

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
I really do love my new bubblewrap pieces if I haven't mentioned that enough and I also love my new bubble mosaic pieces.

Am a fan of these places...
I wish it was Paypal

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