Friday, December 19, 2008

Not too Late to Buy Handmade

Time is running out for all of us last minute shoppers! If you have made a commitment to shop handmade this season and still have a few names on the list that haven't been checked off- have no can still shop local.

We sometimes forget that shopping local for handmade is an excellent choice. I actually prefer it to shopping on-line because I am supporting the community, the shop and the artist. Another benefit is that I can check out the quality of the product before I buy it.

Here are some ways to find handmade in your area...
1) Fairs- check your local paper in the Arts section for information about Street fairs, Farmers Markets or Art Shows happening in your community this weekend.

2)High End Boutiques- you will often find handmade jewelry and other accessories in these shops. Yes, it's more expensive but if you are splurging on a nice piece- it's worth it. Sometimes these are stand-alone establishments or they are located in a hotel or mall.

3)Consignment shops- Oh...a virtual treasure trove! There are many consignment shops in average size cities- some cater to home goods, some womens high end clothing; others to baby and children's items. Often you will find a considerable about of locally made goods in these establishments to round of their selections of gently used items.

If you are tight on time you can do internet searches for local shops matching certain keywords. Call ahead and see if they have items in the general categories that you are looking to purchase.
Some other places to look are museum shops, stationary stores/card shops and off the beaten path type of general stores.
Good Luck!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jewelry for Your Little Darling

These little personalized doll pendant take the cake! They are so cute and perfect for a little girl who wants to wear jewelry just like mommy. These little wooden dolls are created to look just like your little angel. Inspired by vintage peg and clothespin dolls, these posy girl™ pendants are painted completely by hand with caring attention to detail and finished with a thick coat of varnish. Most importantly, each little girl is entirely customizable! You choose her hair color and the letter (if any) you would like her to wear on her little heart necklace, making each little posy girl™ as unique as the girl who will be wearing her. $15 each

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Awesome Sterling Ring on the Super Cheap

I came across these bands awhile back and they have been in my favorites ever since. They are simple and elegant- great for stacking. They are real sterling silver and real Swarovski crystal....why so cheap I wonder? Who cares?! Take of advantage of this deal and order by the dozen is what I say! Convo the seller to get them in your size and color or order from a selection that are in stock. I mean, who doesn't love a ring like this? Priced at $10 each.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Industrial Whimsy Nightlight Shade

I love this nightlight because it's the right color, it's clever and it's recycled! The lantern portion is half of a soup can cut with a light bulb design and powder coated in a summery yellow with a glossy finish. It comes the sensored light too! Mariposa Avenue makes this in many different designs and colors- they also have other types of lanterns. This sells for $15 and can be used anywhere in the home- bathroom- kids bedroom- office- playroom- a great gift at the right price point- you must get one for yourself also!

Monday, December 15, 2008

For the Fashion Forward Tween, Teen or Adult

I love these arm warmers for my tween daughter and pre-teen stepdaughter. They are a little bit different then any that I have seen. They pick up where a short sleeve shirt would leave off and are still slim enough to wear under a sweater or coat. It is also a cool and edgy design with alot of interesting things going on...the black and red houndstooth pattern the black tailored cuff at the top and the cute and sweet red heart button accent....I may get a pair for myself as well! These are selling for $23

Friday, December 12, 2008

For the Nintendo Addict

My kids are all into loading up their backpacks with buttons. My son will especially like these because he is super into Mario Kart and all of the cars and characters as well. He would certainly be the only one in his class- or the school for that matter with this particular set of buttons. They are a set of six pin back buttons $5.50 with different character designs from PumpingAlrights.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Help Someone Bring Paris into Every Corner of Their Home

The ParisChicBoutique currently stocks about 100 items that cater to those who like to "Decorate in French". We are moving to a new home where my daughter and step-daughter will be sharing a large room with attached bathroom and closet- they have agreed on one thing so far- French decor. In my pursuit to find all things French on Etsy I came across this gem of a shop which offers, items for every room in the home not over looking any detail like knobs and switch plates. The set of cabinet knobs pictured are hand painted and sell for $6 each.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Something Unique for Someone Special

The prints in BoopsieDaisy's shop are oh so sweet and sugary. The theme that runs through most of them is candy(other food too) and dolls. They are all done in an unexpected way- and the featured picture speaks well to that. She also makes one of a kind plush dolls that are items to covet. This 8x10 print sells for $22

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Little Something for the Person Who has Everything

This is on the list for my grandma- a fork easel that is handmade, artistic, whimsical and cute. It functions as a way to hold recipe cards while cooking or a place to informally prop a photo or snapshot. Each one is unique. Made by WhimsyLove. Sells for $9.95

Monday, December 8, 2008

For the Handbag Addict

I am that person- the handbag addict- I can only hope that my friends and family are reading this post right now- "If you love me you will buy me this clutch!"
This is created by LaVitaLola- the peacock is my favorite but I would be happy with nearly every one that she makes. I promise you will find the perfect one for the handbag addict on your list- in addition she will be the only one in her circle that owns it! This one is lined with teal silk and is topped with a silver kisslock frame for $45

Friday, December 5, 2008

Irreverent Christmas Greetings

Loves it...if you do to you can get yours at Earmark. They are a stationary store with lots to offer- journals, cards, gift sets, samplers and so much more. Some of my other favorites there are a 6 pack of pink pencils that say "stay classy" and any card from the "Contempt" collection which includes cards with sayings like "Thanks for giving me herpes" and "thanks for nothing". This irreverent Christmas card sells for $3 each I wouldn't recommend sending it to grandma though.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

For the Funky Brooch Wearer

I have done a feature on Anna Laura in the past and just love her little niche in the craft world. She makes these felt lady brooches in many different styles - they have a name and come in a little card with their story included. You would have great fun picking one to match traits of someone on your list this season. They are so cute, unique and personal- fun to collect - fun to give- fun to get. This little ladies name is Carissa and the little bit of info about her reads..."Carissa went camping with her boyfriend and wasn’t impressed when he pulled out a can of Spam for dinner. They drove back to civilisation within the hour for a decent meal." They sell for $20 each

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For a Magical Princess

This adjustable ear cuff is perfect for girls and women of all ages and sizes who love an enchanted, magical and whimsical look. You don't need to have your ears pierced- can be worn with or without your own earrings. Made by Thyme2dream- you get this ear cuff custom made to your specifications and your color choices for only $16. I am not so magical now but as a kid I would have loved this!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Gift for a Family

I found this awesome Etsy seller- ScribbleIt- they make vinyl decals for your walls but also these custom signs. Personalized with the family sir name in lower case letters within a decorative wreath and optional year "established". This is especially thoughtful as a holiday gift for a family who just moved to a new home. You know that family that invites you to the holiday party every year- instead of the same bottle of wine that you bring every year- bring this- talk about unexpected!
Mounted to a tin with pre-drilled holes so you can add your own ribbon for a really custom touch. You could use rope for a nautical themed decor- chain for industrial and modern or nuts and bolts for direct mounting. Hold on to your seats folks- this is only $10!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pretty Little Butterflies for the Hair

I was on Trunkt one day and saw this sellers artist jewelry and accessories. So...I clicked on over to Etsy to see all that she has to offer and was delighted! Every piece is made of plastic and has an illustrated image on it. There are some very interesting black and white images but these pretty little butterflies caught my eye because they have such a universal appeal and are at a great price point to give to teachers and friends. The set sells for $15

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