Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Analiese Designs - Pendants

Rachel of Analiese has some of the most whimsical and versatile pendants that I have seen on Etsy. She offers them in a variety of materials with beautiful, or funny images, like my favorite below. They are also customizable with your own image or childs artwork. Read all about her and her work....


Rachel Analiese Yakubik

Milford, CT

Business Name
Analiese Designs

Describe what you sell.
I make and sell image pendants. I started making them out of Polymer Clay and now I make some using Glass Tiles - I love making both and the each have their own unique style. I also sell Magnet sets, finished beaded jewelry, and some other random things. I also sell a tutorial on how to make the polymer clay pendants as well as a few digital collage sheets.

What are the best sellers in your shop?
The image pendants are the best sellers - it is even between the polymer clay and glass ones. I also make custom photo pendants which are a big seller as well.

What is your real life like?
I am married with a 7 year old son - who starts 2nd grade next week :) I am also a certified Elementary teacher. I have been looking for a full time teaching job for over 3 years - it is very competitive here. In the meantime - I teach an Adult Education GED Prep class 2 days a week and substitute in my local elementary schools. It is nice because it gives me the flexibility to work on my business and spend more time with my son - by being a room mom, etc. But - I really need to find a full time job soon :)

What do you offer that sets you apart from the other sellers on Etsy?
I think my custom products are different - especially "your child's art on clay" - that seems to get a lot of attention - and has been featured on a lot of shopping websites. I also do custom photo ornaments at Christmas. I try to keep a unique style and have even started creating my own images. Image pendants have become so popular on Etsy - so it has become very competitive. I still have a good customer base - and I hope that my customer service and quality sets me apart as well.

How do you market your business?
I have a blog, an Flickr page and another website that I try to keep up with - but not too much. I hand out tons of business cards, and I do some local craft fairs. I currently have some items in some local shops as well. I am also proud to have one of my pendants currently in a catalog called "What on Earth" - that was a nice bonus for me. My target market is hard to pinpoint - I get jewelry designers who use my pendants for their own designs - and people who just want the pendant on a chain. I have some wholesale accounts for people who sell them in their shops and people who order the custom pendants as gifts. I get both men and women - all ages :)

Find seller at...
Believe it or not - I have also done some videos on YouTube - my latest is on my Blog.

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