Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deciduous Soul & Bustle

Ellene McClay

Omaha, Nebraska

Business Name
Deciduous Soul & Bustle

Describe what you sell.
I make a sell a variety of clothing, accessories and jewelry. I have a hard time narrowing myself down to making just one thing.

What is your real life like?
My real life is centered around my family. My daughter is 15 and has participated in several sports activities her whole life. I’m starting to get to that point where I’m getting excited for her to get her license so I can officially take the ‘chaffeur’ hat off. I do love supporting her and it’s kept her on the right track. She is the light of my life. I was a single mom for 12 years, and have been happily married for the last 3. I am very blessed.My hobbies are sewing, sewing and sewing, crafts, etsy, photography, walking, running, rummaging through antique stores, interior design, watching Project Runway and HGTV.
I’m an art teacher at an elementary school (full time for the last 9 years, part time this year, zero time next year).

What is your process?
My process for sewing starts with being completely inspired by fabric. As soon as I see a certain pattern or color, I usually know right away if it would make a great dress or purse, etc.
I love adding embellishments to things, and sometimes people call my style ‘old world romance’. I like old things, especially vintage lace and sewing notions.
My process for jewelry is to take new things (because old things are beautiful but very expensive) and distress them a bit, to give them some character. I like things to be beautiful. I’m a bit of a paper hound too, but I like to add 3-d objects to alter things so they aren’t flat. I can’t live without my sewing machine or my dremmel.

Business Goals and Vision...
My goals for my business are to become more well known as a designer, and to earn the respect of my customers and my peers. I hope to make enough money to stop teaching elementary school, and would love to teach more adult crafty workshops. Long term goals would be to live in the country, wake up in the morning and create all day, with short breaks in between for nature walks.

How do you market your business?
I have promoted my business on the Poppytalk Handmade site:
my blog, http://deciduous-soul.blogspot.com
and http://flickr.com

What inspires you?
I am inspired by fabric of course, but also nature. I could stare at trees and leaves forever, and silence. It sounds strange, but there is something so nice when everything is still and quiet. I can’t think straight when there is a lot of noise. I like to drive out to the middle of nowhere and look at abandoned buildings, and wonder what they are like on the inside. Flowers are inspiring, and textures like velvet and leather. Also, anything that sparkles, like rhinestones, Czech glass beads, and fine glitter.

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
~the historically inspired mademoiselle dress:
and I might have to make one of these purses for myself!

Am a fan of these places...
Websites I visit http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/

and of course the ultimate:

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