Tuesday, September 23, 2008

West Corinth Studio

It's Tuesday and I am excited to introduce you to another "earth-friendly" seller- Heidi Shaulis and Issac Willis of West Corinth Studio. They reside in the same house and virtual shop -even though they work with different mediums they both keep it green in art and life....

Isaac Willis and Heidi Shaulis

, Vermont

Business Name
West Corinth

Describe what you sell.
Folk art. Heidi produces mainly oil on canvas original paintings, and various
reproductions of her images on recycled and hemp papers. Isaac is a woodworker, and buildseverything from jewelry boxes to electric guitars.

What is your real life like?
We live in a tiny little house on top of a hill surrounded by very wild woods. We get lots of organic produce from our garden and pick gallons of berries in the summer.
Winter is harsh, with lots of shoveling, but as long as the power doesn't go out we have DSL and Direct TV. Isaac and the boys play guitar and Heidi devotes much time to her dog, Bea and her 6 cats.

What is your process?
Isaac does pretty much everything by hand. He uses only
sustainably harvested north american species of wood and lots of salvagedand/or recycled material. Finishes are organic and everything is a one of a kind.

Business Goals and Vision...
Right now, all energy is focused on finishing Heidi's painting studio.
It is a passive solar design and we've made it a priority to use as many recycled and sustainable products where possible and within our tight budget. ( Pictures of the studio progress can be seen on Heidi's blog; http://heidishaulis.blogspot.com.) Having a dedicated workspace will enhance her ability to produce a variety of new products. Isaac will be building more guitars as well as guitar stands and related gear shortly.

How do you market your business?
We are currently marketing exclusively on Etsy, but we do have many wonderful, regular customers who have been with us for years.

What inspires you?
Most of our inspiration comes from the natural world. Our favorite place has always been Vermont, mostly for it's natural setting. On our little hill inspiration abounds.

What are two of your favorite things from your shop?
Isaac's favorite is Eat Your Heart Out, semi hollow electric guitar (first picture)

Heidi's is The Sheep Next Door, framed original oil painting. (second picture)

Am a fan of these places...
Hinessight.com for current news

We check daily http://forecast.weather.gov; the National Weather Service we
bsite, so we can plan our outdoor work/activity
RedRiverPaper.com for 100% recycled Greenpix paper

Greenfieldpaper.com for hemp paper

There are too many great stores on Etsy to narrow down to any favorites...we lo
ve the whole site and also the forums are fun.

Find seller at...
Our work is for sale in our etsy shop; www.westcorinthstudio.etsy.com, and we also have an informational website at www.westcorinthstudio.com


Treasures by Tina said...

What a fascinating pair of artists! I wish I could live in a little house in the woods being creative all day! That's my dream. :)

Paper Girl Productions said...

Great feature!

Kari said...

Great interview, interesting read!

On a Whimsey said...

I love learning about other artists on Etsy! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see such talented artists prospering! You made a great choice by featuring them.

Ity-Bity Bags said...

Very cool feature!

Vanessa said...

Great feature!

Mannie Vincent said...

Their work is greattt!! Beautiful write up (:

Annette said...

Great interview and an awsome way to highlight other etsy artists!

Michele Reed said...

great interview! looking forward to future ones!

CAT Productions said...

Beautiful artwork, and a great interview!

La Alicia said...

thanks for introducing us to a pair of cool etsians!


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