Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Shout Out to Previously Featured Artists

I have a treasury on Etsy that features sellers who have been good enough to give their time and knowledge to inspire us through their words and work.

Pieces have been chosen in a red "theme"- I have not provided a link because at the time this is being published the list has expired. If you are a featured artist and I have not included you- take heart- I promise to put you in the next one.
Credits: (from left to right starting in top left corner)
BlackandRedEye "Seriously"
AlisaBurke "Graffiti Bangle"
PartyBots "Hurt Bot"
BallandChain "Underpants"
MyLittleOogaBooga "Red Robot"
Aria Images "Cherry Blossom Series"
Analiese "Painted Cardinal"
TrixieDelicious "Voyeur Plate"
JennGee "Flourish Coffee Corset"
MyFriendRoze "Silver Bubble Seed Beed Necklace"
HowlinDoggie "Sakura Hairstick"
KezBirdie "Killer Koi Heels"
(click any of the names to link to that listing)


w said...

gorgeous. love those shoes!

JulieAnnA said...

your blog is really cute! i love how you have options to widget it and subscribe and such! i'll have to look into that! ;]


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