Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today I would like to introduce Rosilyn Young of RozArt on Etsy. I spotted this cupcake painting that she made- it looks good enough to eat! She also has her own site called Drunken Cows

Where do you live and how does that influence your art?
I live in south Texas, but am originally from NH. Being a Yankee, I would never usually be my thing to paint cows, cowboys or anything western. But I have been here a long time now and the area has affected me! Living on a working ranch one year had me (a confirmed city girl) falling in love with roosters and cows!

What are your favorite materials to use?
I always paint in oils. It's buttery consistently works well with my thick impressionistic style.

What inspired you to make this product?
I painted my first cupcake because I have baked so many for the kids, that I thought it would look great on the wall in my kitchen. When I used a palette knife to put the paint on as the frosting part of the cupcake, it was as if I were frosting one - and I knew I had something good. Ive sold a lot of these cupcakes - and I never grow bored of them!

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Anonymous said...

Her work is great and as you said, it looks good enough to eat.


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