Sunday, August 17, 2008

Alchemy on Etsy- get a special item made or make a special item for someone else

Lately I have been all about the Alchemy page on Etsy. If you still don't know about Etsy- check it out! We are a community of artists selling handmade items. This is a large scale site where you can find artists making almost any type of item you can think of! On the sites Alchemy page you can request to have an item made or you can respond to a request.

How it works... go to and click on the "Alchemy" link on the orange header at the top of the page. You will start to see a running list of requests for items that members would like to have made. Requests range from custom shop logos and avatars to wedding jewelry sets. There are some more unusual requests like grave stones and markers or recently, a reproduction of the dress used by the Chinese women who walked the participating countries out into the forum during the Olympics opening ceremony. One of my recent favorites is a request to have a clay figure made of a cartoon shop logo.

If you would like to add a request you can do so by clicking the green "add request" button at the top of the page there are some guidelines on the right of the page. You will be asked for some general information such as item description, price that you would like to pay and date which you would like to have item complete. To see a detailed item about how the process works for buyers go to

If you are a seller and you would like to respond to a request go to the Alchemy page- view the requests on the Alchemy home page, clicking on headings that you would like to see more off. If there is something that you can make submit a bid- it's easy- just follow the prompts. For more detailed information on how to reply to a request go to

Some alchemy basics- don't request...
• Non-handmade items, including vintage and commercial supplies
• Trades
• Free items
• Services
You can find me on Etsy as well. Go to or click on the banner to the right that shows pictures of my jewelry.

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